Thumbs up for all the farmers markets.

Well our favorite local farm market just closed down for the winter. We sure enjoyed getting all kinds of local produce there this year - berries, corn, squash, apples, etc etc. Lowell has a fast growing weekly farm market on Thursdays for several months and we made sure to visit that every week.
Shoot, we had a young couple buy the farm across the street and they have a stand in their driveway. They sell eggs, honey, maple syrup, and apples. We get our eggs there and I bought a BIG 2.5 pound jar of their honey for my toast.
On a 3 day trip up north earlier this year I was happy to see all the farm markets along the roads. Some of them have been their for years and years, but I saw many new ones. Really liked seeing that some of them were selling local raised beef and poultry.
Best way to eat is something NOT grown in a factory! Support your local food producers - it is better for everyone. You keep money in their pocket - you eat food that is better - and the environment is helped by not having the food trucked all over the planet.

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