Keep using a little less gas America.

Sweet - the cost of a barrell of oil is $60 today. I like seeing gas for $1.95, don't you? I understand that the worldwide demand is lessening because of the financial crunch, but I want to encourage all my fellow 'Mericans (as Prez Bush would say) to keep a lid on their gas usage. If ALL of us who can drive could cut back on just 2-3 gallons per WEEK, it would help things a bunch in my opinion.
Think a little before you make the extra trip to the store. Ride somewhere with someone. How many millions of us drive in the US? If we all conserved just 2 stinking gallons of dino juice a week it would not take much effort on our part, but it would add up to billions of gallons NOT used every month. I just did a search and I found there were 196 million drivers in 2003, so we can use that number. If we all did not use 2 gallons a week that would be 392 million MORE gallons a week that could stay in the ground.
Let the oil producers sit on it for a while.
A long while.
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