Phone Phun

So - a nice lady from India (gee, how do I know she is from India - even though her name is "Nancy"?) called the store to "update your free business listing."

After all the address/phone # stuff she asked, "May I know your position there?"
Me: Chief Bottle Washer.
Her: Hmmm. (pause) We do not show that as a listing, but we have bottle washer as one listing and supervisor as another. Should we go with .... supervisor?
Me: Sure.
Her: May I speak to the owner, please?
Me: What? Listen, I am the owner.
Her: You are the owner, sir?
Me: Yes, I was just kidding with the bottle washer thing.
Her: Will you please hold while I swith you to a supervisor to verify .....

I hung up at that point.
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