Donkeys n Elephants need to quit the ostrich gig.

Die hard members of the donkey and elephant parties need to quit making like ostriches and pull their heads out of the sand and take a look around. Does the millions (billions?) Fannie and Freddie blew make you sick? Well the elephant candidate hired one of their well paid lackies to run his campaign and the donkey candidate was the number two recipient of Senatorial money from them. Both candidates blow the trumpet of alarm for the cameras but the reality is that they both have their hands out albeit in different ways.
Does the thought of AIG execs spending over half a million on a spa week-end and a hunting trip to England boil your blood? Have you noticed that no donkey or elephant has done a dang thing about it? Do the math - they all get their goodies from the same trough.
This election, I will be pulling as many Libertarian levers as I can because both of the major parties have us bamboozled with rhetoric while they milk the system for all the cream they can get. They hand out our tax dollars to the likes of AIG while we count our pennies to fill the gas tank or heat our homes. We have the power ladies and gentlemen, those elected officials are there because we let them be. Exercise your right to vote, but pull your head out of the sand and pull a lever for something other than a donkey or an elephant this time around.
Change is NOT going to come about from the elephants and donkeys.
Change is going to come from us not conducting business as usual.
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