Another Riff on elephants and donkeys.

I do not believe that the fault for any aspect of our current financial situation(s) can be laid solely at the feet of donkeys or elephants. Elephants are traditionally proponents of less regulation and donkeys pretend to want to look out for the little guy, but when both parties are "blessed" by the largess of Freddie and Fannie lobbyists how do you properly assign blame? When checks from Fat Cats go in equal amounts to both sides, why would any of them rock the boat?
Personally, I think the two parties get their devoted followers so stirred up about what "the other guys" did or did not do, that we all manage to miss the fact that they are all strolling together to the bank with big ole smiles on their mugs. If you watch a split screen of Fox and MSNBC you can see some pretty condemning statements and actions coming from both sides of the aisle. FOX, in spite of the pretense of unbiased reporting, is awful dang good at zeroing in on donkeys. MSNBC makes no pretense about being neutral, they just blast the beejabbers out of all things elephantine. For example, they spent hour after hour putting the screws to Sarah Palin without so much as a peep about Mr. Biden. What, is Joe some kinda perfect politician?
When I was on the road as a salesman, I listened to a lot of talk radio and spent way too much time with Rush Limbaugh. After a while I grew tired of his unabashed elephant self. Then when I found out he was a drug addict any smidgen of credibility he had went down the drain like so much used oxy contin. His Rushness used to wail on people who smoked dope while the whole time his fat ass was zonked on Hillbilly Heroin. Never mind that he has been married more times than me. What irony that someone who commands millions and has the ears of millions still has to take Viagra to get jiggy with the Mrs Limbaugh de jeur. You wouldn't think a pompous windbag who is so full of himself would need chemical help to make it through the night.
On the other side of the fence Keith Obermann gets his followers panting for the death of all elephants with the same efficacy that Rush trains the dittoheads to condemn all things donkey. I watched Keith O for a while - the guy IS funny, has a brilliant mind, and can make a point. But it quickly became clear his pointed remarks are ALWAYS at the elephants while the foibles of donkeys go unexamined.
In my opinion, Rush and Keith represent more of the same. They are just like the politicians - milking the fear of the people in order to get the big bucks. Rush just signed a multimillion dollar contract and Keith is reputed to make 4 million a year or so. Hell, I bet they are really friends - prolly get their drugs from the same doctor, live in the same gated community, and have the same mechanic tune their Lamborghinis. But they know how to manipulate donkeys and elephants to their own gain - just like the bastiges in Congress.
They laugh as they go arm in arm to the bank while cashing in on all the hot buttons they push on their respective donkey and elephant die hard fans.
The truth probably lies somewhere in between................or nowhere at all.
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