Some of my published work.

Some of the published works of Cliff Yankovich

Advance Newspapers - Jenison, MI
* Writing for them since 2002
* Weekly column, "Cliff's Riffs" 2004 to present

Alternative Press
The Paper - Grand Rapids, MI 11/01
San Antonio Current - San Antonio, TX 06/02
New York Press - NY, NY 05/02

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Owners News
Glossy monthly - 30,000 plus subscribers US and abroad
12/02 - Exercise and Riding
09/03 - Motorcycle Insurance Rates
05/04 - Cortech Gloves
10/04 - 10k mile Review of 2004 Rockster
12/05 - Tomahawk Tires
12/07 - Aerostich Combat Lite Boots
02/08 - Olympia Phantom Riding Suit
10/08 - Jett Vest

Rider Magazine
Glossy National Monthly
06/08 - Rounders (
05/09 - AHMRA story from Grattan

Others (various articles over the past 6 years)
Grand Rapids Magazine
Lowell Ledger
Monthy Guest Column in The View - Belleville, MI (Heritage Newspapers)
On the Town Magazine - Grand Rapids, MI
About Town - montly column Greenville, MI
Capital of Nasty - electronic magazine from Canada
Probably some others I forgot.
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