Good times at Grattan Raceway.

Lil Amy is riding on the back of my first BMW.
We are taking a couple of laps around the track
at a very low speed (that is why we are in shirtsleeves, not jackets).
I think we paid $5 to follow a pace car around for 2-3 laps.

Here we go now! 2 years later. This was taken during a Track Day

with Sport Bike Track Time.

It was a great day of learning the limits of a big ole Beemer.

Here is Bob Demetrius giving me some last minute instructions

before taking me on a couple of laps on his sidecar. What a rush!

I forgot to breathe for 3/4 of the way around the first lap.

Bob told me we were at about 100 mph in the straight.

Coming out of turn 12 and heading into the straight.

I am moving into the correct position for the straight.

Crouched down on my knees as small as possible.

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