Elephants & donkeys:The parties at play.

When are we going to realize that the two major political parties are laughing all the way to the bank? They play us like the chumps we are. That is why the Libertarian folks look better and better to me all the time.
Hmmm, staunch elephants were hesitant to hand over any financial aid to the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. After all, those people CHOSE to live where they live and it is below sea level and dang it all what do they expect? The same Republicans are now oh so willing to dole out BILLIONS to help huge Wall Street firms who have run themselves aground with business practices that resulted in total chaos in the money markets? Okay, so welfare is a bad thing when it helps someone who lost his house and furniture, but hell yes lets write the check when it is AIG, Bear Sterns, etc. etc.?
What happened to the "it is a free market - it will correct itself" philosophy that gave us all the deregulation and freedom for these companies to do what they did? Now all of the sudden we are socialists who want to come to the aid of our brothers?
Before any democrats start blowing your own horns, please consider all the monumental changes that have occured since Pelosi et al took back control of Congress. Wow, isn't it a marvel all the wonderful things Congress has initiated since the power shift? This is the major reason that I cannot get too excited about Obama. They guy sure stirs my emotions with his excellent speeches, but is he REALLY going to change anything or is his going to make a huge difference just like his fellow donkeys did when they wrested Congress from the elephants?
The sad fact is that ALL of them are getting money from the huge corporations, so who are they going to take care of in the event of a fecal storm? Well, it ain't you and me. Our $50 or $200 contribution won't even pay for one radio commercial in a major market - they are NOT going to watch out for us. They take care of those who take care of them.
The proof is in the pudding. Some poor schmuck who loses everything to Katrina gets to sit in a formaldehyde trailer while the execs on Wall Street hand themselves huge bonuses as a reward for flushing their companies down the krapper, then turn to their elected friends for a bail out.
I believe this country was founded by a group of people who were upset about taxation without representation. If you are like me, then you are paying taxes all over the place.
Do you feel represented?
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