Stuff That Works: My 3rd set of Tomahawk Tires with Dyna Beads.

Nothing quite like the feeling of new tires on your bike, is there? Dang, I like it alot. Had my new friend Dan Stadt,, install a shiny new pair of my favorite re-manufactured tires on the Snow Queen (my 2004 BMW Rockster SE ) yesterday. I probably could have made the 120 mile trip down to SeriousRacers place, but I did not want to push my luck on the old set - My last set of Tomahawks were good for 10,422 miles.

The company that makes Tomahawks also make re-manufactured tires for AIRPLANES so I have a lot of confidence riding on them. My stock set of Dunlops were squirrley and the back tire was gone with less than 6k on it. I have been riding on Tomahawks ever since and the bike has just under 33k on it. (Did I mention that I plugged a nail hole in the middle of the tread on the rear and rode on it for another 5,380 miles one time?)

A set of Tomahawks for my bike are $150 plus $18 to ship them. I have ridden on Metzlers, Dunlops, and one other brand on the three BMW bikes I have owned and the Tomahawks give me all the confidence I experienced riding with the other ones (more than the ^%$# Dunlops that came on the bike). As you probably know, I ride them in the Michigan rain and they hold the road every bit as well as the tires costing twice as much. If you are interested, then read more about them here: I ride on the T3 mid-grade compound which is a balance between the sticky of a sport tire and the longevity of a touring tire.
(Hey - they land planes every single day on re-manufactured tires, so they shouldn't have any problem with little old 230 pound me!)

I did a product review of the Tomahawk tires for the BMW MOA Owners News a few years ago and we put it up on the Rounders website:

Don't let me forget to mention Dynabeads - they are grrrrreat. No unsightly wheel weights, no balancing required. Just pour 2 oz in each tire and get ready for a smooth ride and even tire wear. Learn more about dyna beads here:
They are a great product.
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