In which Cliff explains his Olympic habit.

We join a meeting in progress.
Hi, my name is Cliff - I am an Olympi-holic.
The crowd answers, "Hi Cliff"

I am not a big fan of televised sports. Rather I should say I am not a big fan of the commercials which accompany televised sports. Every four years I make an exception for the Olympics. Man, once I pick them up I cannot put them down. I am good for 3-4 hours on the couch watching whatever they throw at me - gymnastics, swimming, track, volleyball, diving (how have I missed syncronized diving before??), trampoline (that was a new one for me), etc etc.

Last night I had weird dreams filled with short muscular people dressed for track and gymnastics.

Help me ...... pray for me ....... come over and do an intervention ...... take the remote out of my grubby lil hands. Please.

Just kidding.
I can handle it.
I can quit any time I want to.
No problem.
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