Lopez Lomong is chosen to carry the flag. YES!!!

Yup - you can say the Olympics are a waste of time. They are at least as much about political hoo-haa as "pure athletics". China should not be the host. Etc. Etc. Etc.
HOWEVER - if you take the time to look you can still see some bright lights here and there. Consider that runner Lopez Lomong has been chosen to carry the US flag in the opening ceremonies. That is good enough for me. Outstanding.
If you don't know anything about this guy, may I suggest you search him out on the net and read his story. One of the most amazing sports/human interest stories I know of. When I saw the special segment on HBO's Real Sports it had me in tears when he was re-united with his mom and his family.
Or you can read about him here: http://lopezlomong.org/
See - good things are still happening in the Olympics - even if they are being held in polluted old China!
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