Stuff I learned today: Vistas and quarks.

Okay. I just learned the definition of the word "vista". A fellow Rounder posted some fantastic pictures from a ride in the Rockie Mountains today and he used a wide angle camera. The first word that came to my mine was "vista" and I was going to post the definition of the word and tell him that his pictures defined the definition, becase I THOUGHT vista meant something like "wide open space or view". Nope, it is quite the opposite.

vis·ta /ˈvɪstə/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[vis-tuh] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a view or prospect, esp. one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage, as between rows of trees or houses.
2. such an avenue or passage, esp. when formally planned.
3. a far-reaching mental view: vistas of the future.

Hmm, guess I will have to revise my use of the word "vista" in future.

Which then makes me wonder how many other words I think I know and I don't?

On the way to looking up "quark" I found out "pulchritude" means "beauty". Cool.

Quarks n God
'Nother thing I was surprised to learn today - no one has seen a quark. I'll be darned. Quarks have NOT been PROVEN. They are defined as being "hypothetical". Holy disbelief Batman, how can people who place their faith in science accept the existence of a quark without having seen or touched one? No one has seen one, even the dudes who invented the term.
I mention this because people who believe in the existence of God are constantly being asked how they can believe in something they cannot "see" or "prove". Wait a minute boys n girls, does the same question apply to quarks? And if you toss out quarks, then the whole subatomic gizmo falls apart and what have you got?
Lucky for me, I happen to believe in God AND quarks even though I have not seen either of them. I am fairly confident I have experienced both of them, therefore I have faith that they both exist.
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