Bring on the big dollar gas prices.

What the heck - why bitch about gas prices? Shell et al are laughing all the way to the bank. I say we ought to embrace high fuel prices. Why? Because that seems like the only way we Americans are going to quit guzzlin' gas like there is no tomorrow. I am not pointing my finger at other people - Julie and I bought a Mustang GT a couple years ago which is a long way from a Toyota Prius for sure.
However, our collective appetite for fossil fuel has got to be slowed down and 4 or 5 bucks a gallon is going to help.
Another positive outcome is now that fuel prices are going up so high there is justification and motivation to finally explore alternatives. Without a motivator - which usually has to come in the form of some kind of financial threat (be it real or imagined) - we tend to leave things as they are. Now with pump prices climbing like crazy and heating costs going nuts we are scrambling to find new ways. Frankly I have every confidence that we will prevail and will find new ways to move about the planet, heat and light our spaces, and do the other things we have been doing with dinosaur juice for way too long.
So - go ahead BP, Shell, and Exxon - bring it on you profit mongering toads!
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