Why I didn't vote today in the MI primary.

Nope, didn't vote today in the Michigan primary. I do not agree with the policy that we have to declare our party preference in order to obtain a ballot and that if we declare ourselves to be a donkey or a elephant we limit our choice to that party.
Michigan moved its primary date up - you know so we could get all kinds of national attention and vacationers/media/candidates all coming here to enjoy January in Michigan (ha!). The donkey party demanded that MI not do that. Michigan legislators ignored the demands of the dems and as a result several of the democrat candidates had themselves taken off the ballot.
So we have imcomplete ballots AND we have to declare our party preference. No thank you.
Oh, did I mention that this total waste of time is going to cost Michigan a minimum of 10 million dollars that we DO NOT HAVE?
Bring on the $10k a year, part-time legislature PLEASE.
Vote the bums out and lets get some people in there who listen to their constituents.

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