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Last night I interviewed a basketball playing junior - her name is Tasha. The team Tasha plays for is not experiencing much besides the "agony of defeat" this season. As of this writing they are 1-12 (one win, twelve losses). Tasha's coach related to me that she had given the girls on the team a little talk after the Holiday break. She told them that she really needed some of them to make an extra effort to step up and help create a positive atmosphere in practice and at games - even if the team was not doing well.
Tasha heard the word and responded at the very next practice. She started giving words of encouragement to her teammates and helping other players. During a game against an undefeated team she led the team in points, steals, and in assists and helped everyone play their best to the final buzzer even though they lost by 18 points.
When I asked her about it, Tasha summed up her transformation with these words.
“I hate it when I feel like I am not doing my best,” Tasha related. “I am trying to not regret anything I do.”
Those are powerful words for anyone of any age to put to use in his or her life. Do your best and behave in a manner that will never cause you to regret anything.
Well said Tasha.
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