I get tired of the crap on the net.

I posted this money making opportunity on CraigsList today under the heading:
Get Paid For Breathing - even just a little.

Forget making phone calls. Forget networking with all your pals at church or in the Rotary. Say good-bye to all those MLM schemes that clog the internet. New company will pay you for breathing. Yes; you read it correctly Mister, Miss, Missus, and Ms. America (which is not to forget our transgendered and non-gender specific brethren and cistern or any combo of the aforementioned) YOU can collect (up to)thousands of dollars every week by simply existing.
No more late nights.
No selling.
No need to take pictures of the trashy crap in your garage or basement and try to sell it to other people by misrepresenting it as something that really works.
No more dealing with emails offering you MORE than your asking price.
Absolutely no hassles or regrets.
Sound too good to be true? Read these testimonies:
"I done it." from Steve in CO.
"Works for me and my son." Edna and Zeke in Detroit, MI
"Oh yes for sure. My income so much larger is become this program since I started I will be giving up my business transferring funds from my late father the King of All Ghanna to US banks forthwith. God Bless All in His Glory." Prince Ayee-ayee of Togo
You can breathe almost any time of the day. Breathe sitting up, while laying down or while sitting on the crapper. Breathe while you read or you can even breathe while you are deleting all the bullshit emails you get every time you list something on CraigsList or E-Bay. It's fantastic. Get Paid To Breathe and start collecting now!
Still hampered by unbelief? Consider this: "With God as my witness, the Lord has blessed us by providing through His mighty wisdom this Breathe For Pay money making opportunity. Prior to this fantastic break through of the Holy Spirit I actually thought I was going to have to get a job or provide a service to people in order to make a living. Now, Glory To God, I just sit around the house all day and BREATHE in and out. The money is rolling in. I made over $250 the VERY FIRST DAY. You can too. It is easy, really easy.....why it is as easy as BREATHING!" Reverand Pastor Lloyd DuChampire Okland, CA
Wondering how to get in on this fantastic GOLDEN opportunity?
Send $15 in unmarked twenty dollar bills to:
Breathe For Pay attn: Spiffy Cliffy
208 E Main Street
Lowell, MI 49331
Then spin around three times, send an email to everyone you know and wait for the bucks to roll in. Your will NOT regret it - send your money today!
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