Not to make generalizations, but......

There is a disadvantage to having almost all of the media produced in big metropolitan areas. The viewpoints expressed do not accurately reflect America - they probably do accurately reflect America in NY, LA, Chicago, DC, etc. etc., but there are millions of people who live in the middle of the country.
Watched a show last night about sexual attraction, etc and they had viewpoints through out the show from what could first be perceived as a rainbow of people - straight guy, gay guy, straight lady, gay lady, bi-sexual lady, etc. But after listening to their pronouncements for a little over an hout (and I generally liked the show - don't get me wrong) I realized that while they might represent a microcosm of Vancouver BC ( lots of words souded a bit Canadian) or some other metropolis, the average Joe and Josephine was missing.
Then I realized that is the case in way too much of what is produced for radio and television. It seems like the programs, ideas, points of view, and "facts" are directed at one segment of modern society and not all of us.
Not by any stretch of the imagination.
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