Why I ride...and you should too.

Riding motorcycles is a passion of mine. Got my first bike when I was 18 and rode for many years, took some time off and dove back into it 6 years ago.
I do not care what brand someone rides, just that you spend time in the saddle.
Practical reasons to ride:
  • Makes your commute fun.
  • Great gas milage - my big bike, BMW Rockster 1150 cc gets 38 mpg and sometimes more. My "winter bike" is a 250cc dual sport antique Honda XL and it gets between 60 to 72 mpg.
  • Small parking space needed.
  • Lessen your impact on the environment.
  • Makes your commute fun.

I believe in the gospel of wearing a helmet and as much protective gear as possible.

I believe in the gospel of riding a motorcycle all year round, even in Michigan. (See more such tomfoolery at www.yearroundriders.com )


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