Might as well jump right in.

Maybe I just need to quit listening to NPR whilst I prep in the morning. What a disappointment to learn this morning that Nancy Pelosi wants to appoint Rep. William Jefferson to the Homeland Security Committee. C'mon Nancy!
For those of you who missed it, the honorable Wm Jefferson is a member of Congress who is currently under investigation. Remember? - the authorities (IIRC it was the FBI) found some 90 thousand bucks in cash his freezer among other things.
Mr Jefferson was wisely asked to step down from any committees last year when things started to get smelly and now they want to put him in a position to oversee Homeland Security?
Izzit any wonder voter turnout is so low? This kind of thing insults the intellegence of the American voter - no matter what side of the aisle he or she supports. Guy gets busted with 90k in cash in his fridge. Does he lose his high paying job? Nope. In fact, the people of his district recently re-elected him. Have mercy.
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