Cliff comes to the aid of Governor Granholm.

Our governor is concerned with the budget deficit and wants to know how to balance the budget. Of course any planning on her part includes increasing taxes or creating a new tax of 2% on services. I have a couple of ideas which may be more beneficial in the long run than further taxing Michigan residents.
THOUGHT: Why is it that those with a guaranteed income and fantastic health care can only think to solve their budget problems by transferring the weight to those who can least afford it - the taxpayers?
For starters, how about we make it mandatory that every state worker, including those who are retired, contribute or contribute more to the cost of their own health care? With the multitude of people on the state payroll, such a move could make a big difference.
Secondly, how about we make it mandatory that the legislators take a collective cut in pay? They voted themselves raises sufficient enough to make themselves the fourth highest paid electorate in the country a few years ago; maybe it is time they recognize the fact that doing so in a state with one of the most, if not THE most, sluggish economy in the Union was unconscionable.
Give the money back to the people you supposedly serve ladies and gentlemen. We could start with a minimum of a 15% slash in their pay across the board. Then we should demand a 15% cut from their respective staff members - they could have the option of cutting some of the staff or keeping everyone and just cutting their pay by 15%.
My wife and I own a small business and when times are tough, as they are now, we are the first ones to feel the pinch in the pocketbook. Utilities, insurance, taxes, and other costs must be paid - but when the checkbook is light, then we just live with less. Frankly I tire of a government that lives beyond its means no matter which political party is in charge.
Governor Granholm, please tighten your own belt and the belts of all your employees - including those who are elected, appointed, hired, and retired before you lay any more taxes on my back.
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