Cherokee nation revokes citizenship of ex-slaves.

Anyone else read this? The Cherokee Nation is revoking the citizenship of descendents of some black skinned Americans that the Cherokees used to own as slaves. Very interesting information. How many people knew that Cherokees once owned black skinned slaves? I knew that some red skinned Americans took other red skinned Americans as slaves, but up until today did not know they also ownen black skinned Americans.
(Anybody hitting up the Cherokee Nation for financial restitution for these slaves?)
Let me assure you that I do not harbor ill will towards Native Americans. By all accounts it looks like they certainly got a raw deal. However, I do object to the swing of the peerspective pendulum. Sure, it is silly to think of history in terms of movie and book-based images of the wonderful white man working out his manifest destiny at the expense of the Native Americans.
However it is equally silly to refuse to remember that Native Americans could be very tough on each other. Some (notice I used the word "some") of them would do very cruel things to members of others tribes. They would steal horses, women and children from them and arrange terrible tortures.
Now we find out that the Cherokees actually owned slaves. What do we do with the image of the noble Native American who lives in harmony and peace with every one now? I have seen recent movies and TV shows that gave the impression that red skinned Americans came to the aid of black skinned Americans against the oppression of some of the white skinned Americans. Maybe this was not always the case, eh?
The reality seems to be that SOME red-skinned Americans treated SOME black skinned Americans like property just like SOME white skinned Americans did. SOME people of every race treat others like crap - that is the sad part and the part that needs fixing.
One more thought - the reason given by the Cherokee Nation folks for their vote is that they want only Cherokees to be able to vote on Cherokee issues. Hmmm. When SOME white skinned Americans wanted to stop some black skinned Americans from voting it was seen as a bad thing - I believe we call it racism. Is it still racism when SOME red skinned Americans want to do the same thing?
"OR does this have something to do with Casino money?," he wondered aloud. We shall see.
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